DSA Witch Girl keycaps on 40% alice Prime_e keyboard in Rose Gold with matching blush swords deskmat.

Witch Girl 'Swords' Deskmats

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Bring the soft power of Witch Girl® to your desk. A blush pink deskmat featuring snakes & swords. Available in 2 sizes: Regular and Mini.

P.S. Witch Girl Deskmats are also available in a second design ft. Moon Phases in dark forest green!

Product Details

  • Finish: Cloth Top, Stitched Edges, Rubber Non-Skid Bottom
  • Dimensions:
    • Regular: 900x400x4mm (35.4x15.7x0.16")
    • Mini: 675x300x4mm (26.6x11.8x0.16")

Deskmats - Swords

Comes in 2 sizes to match your Witch Girl keycaps.

  • Witch Girl Deskmat with Swords & Snakes in Blush.


"Mintlodica continues to release fresh, cohesive, and unique designs that are not only inclusive, but also speak to me as a woman and longtime nerd.

I've participated in multiple pre-orders and each time, Mintlodica never fails to deliver an outstanding and special product that I'm excited to have on my desk."

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