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Should you get a Regular or Mini sized Deskmat?

Now that you know Why you should use a Deskmat, the question is which size? We offer over 2 dozen designs of Deskmats in Regular and Mini sizes.

Regular Size is rather large. We call it "Regular" since this spacious size is the standard in the keyboards hobby. They measure 900x400x4mm (35.4x15.7x0.16"). Below is how our Fae 45% Alice Layout Keyboard looks on both sizes.

Deskmat sizes shown with Fae (Prime_E) 45% Alice Layout Keyboard


Why we made Mini Sized Deskmats

We created Mini Size to accommodate smaller desks. This fits in many more workspaces and is even a great travel companion for those who work remotely! They measure 675x300x4mm (26.6x11.8x0.16").

Fans have set us photos of their Mini Deskmats in use at coffee shops. We love the commitment to always working in an aesthetic environment. Read what Lucas had to say:

"I got the Mini Deskmat since I don't have the space for the usual 900x400 mats. The Mini is the perfect size. the colors are vibrant, & the quality is very nice!"

Review of Pastel Picnic 'Sad Girl' Deskmats


To Scale Deskmat Size Comparison to Keyboards

Here's how Mini versus Regular stacks up against a few mechanical keyboard layouts. We illustrated these to scale! Take a look.

Deskmat sizes shown with TenKeyLess (TKL) Layout Keyboard

Deskmat sizes shown with 75% Layout Keyboard

Deskmat sizes shown with Discipline 65% Layout Keyboard
Deskmat sizes shown with ErgoDox ergonomic layout keyboard

Deskmat sizes shown with Allaro Alice Layout Keyboard

Deskmat sizes shown with 65% Layout Keyboard

Deskmat sizes shown with Ortholinear 40% Keyboard

Deskmat sizes shown with 60% Layout & Tsangan row Keyboard

We've designed over 2 dozen Best Selling Deskmats

Whether you opt for Mini or Regular, we know you'll find something here that brings joy to your workspace.

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"Mintlodica made me appreciate that liking cute stuff is valid. I feel seen and surrounded. I bought Millennium Magic Girl because it's the cutest sky blue colorway I've seen."

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