Manufacturing Updates

The Mintlodica team will update this page with updates for all our products that are being manufactured. We will also email every buyer with updates for each collection they join. Please ensure you have emails from us whitelisted to get these updates.

As always, we appreciate your patience and support!

    • Witch Girl™ keycaps

      Pre-orders open | DSA Witch Girl Keycaps are available. Group Buy Discount ends February 17th.

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    • Magic Girl® keycaps

      Manufacturing | Keycaps are in production with Signature Plastics. An email update was sent to pre-order customers on 12/13/2022.

      Fulfillment ETA is Q1 2023.

    • Magic Girl® Collection

      Pre-orders have completed fulfillment!

      If you ordered Deskmats, Switches, or Metal Artisan Keycaps & Trays together with DSA Magic Girl keycaps, they will ship together.

    • Witch Girl™ Collaboration Keyboard Kit

      In production | Matching Witch Girl collaboration Discipline 65% Keyboard Kits are being made via Switch Couture. Should you have any questions or concerns about your orders, please contact them directly.

      Fulfillment ETA is Q1 2023. Orders will be sent as they are completed!

    • Sad Girl™ Keycaps

      Manufacturing | Group Buy pre-orders are now closed. An email update was sent to pre-order customers on 1/6/2022.

      Fulfillment ETA is Q3 2023.

    • Pastel Dreams™ Keycaps

      To come. Pastel Dreams are our ultimate mix-and-match keycap sets.

    • Netizen keycaps & deskmat

      To come. Netizen is our collaboration with artist Genie Liang.

    • a new keycap collection

      To come. This design has been sitting in our drafts for too long.

    • These are all the firm updates we can share at this time.

      Thank you for your continued support & enthusiasm!