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I’ve been eyeing this desk at for a while after the original run and was so glad to see it return. I got the mini size and much prefer this to the regular GB deskmat size.

been waiting for these for so long ♡

i love the keycaps they look and feel great!

Cutest Stickers!

Great quality and super cute designs! I'm def going to be getting more stickers in the future. <3

Great keycaps

Love the design and build quality of the keycaps. Always great!

Love these

Love them

They are so cute and I love using them on my keyboard!!

Love them, exactly the tactile feel I was after.

Best DSA Keycaps on the Market!

I adore DSA profile keycaps but it's very difficult to find a set that's as quality as this one. The matte feeling and uniform profile makes everything so adorable and fits all the cozy keyboards! They last so long and they've matched a ton fo the keyboards that I've placed them on.

My daughter really liked it.

purchased keycaps, am now sad girl

honestly perfect except that it doesn’t come in a nice case. i guess that is the one main downside of signature plastics keycaps. but super high quality besides that! they feel, sound, and obviously look great.

Sophisticated & Cute!!!

I love cute keycaps, but the colors on these are more my speed compared to some other cutesy sets. It looks so good on my mint keyboard! These keycaps feel very sturdy, and I love the slight texture on them. All the letters are well aligned and centered - good attention to detail from the manufacturer. I bought these in the first round when the images were renders only; the colors were not exactly what I expected, but I still love them. I would certainly look at real photos to get an idea of the color.

My daily driver

I use this as my daily driver on my work keeb. Love it!

So stinkin' cute!

These keycaps are very cute. I got the OG Magic Girl as well as the Dark Magic Girl. I am using a combination of the two on my board right now. I really like the DSA profile, and the legends are so crisp! The only thing I wasn't too keen on were the way the keycaps were packaged. They were loose in plastic bags. It made it a bit of a headache to try and sort them before using. But the keycaps themselves are great.

Loved it when I got it and ever since, use as my daily work mat

DSA Witch Girl Keycaps
Susan Guevara
Really Beautiful

This was my first go at customizing a keyboard and I wasn't going to settle for an okay design. These are beautiful and feel great, very happy with them.


I ordered the large desk mat and I love it! It is such good quality, so thick and durable. I highly recommend! :)

Very cute deskmat <3

I’ve had this mat for awhile now, it was easy to clean when I got it messy. It’s very cute and my favourite <3 I’ll be ordering another mat again soon<3

I fell for those keycaps 🥰

Truly, amazing profile, lovely quality, and those colours are so beautiful!!

Cute as heck!

Love the feel of the uniform DSA profile, and the colors/theme turned out sooooo cute.

Mini was a perfect size

The mini is just long enough to easily hold my keyboard and mouse. And its a wonderful, calming shade of purple to match my keyboard.

My favorite keycaps

Dark Magic Girl is my favorite keycap design! I love the different accents, they make it easy to switch up the mood of the keyboard. It's so easy to match them with different keyboard and deskmat colors too.

Gives me joy looking at my keyboard

I've been using my dark magic girl keycaps on my main keys for about a month now. On the keypad, you'll see a mix of Magic Girl and Millennium Magic Girl.

Not only does it give me such joy looking down at my keyboard, and how it looks. The keys also feel great. The original keys on my keyboard where much higher, and so the lower-ish profile on these, make typing on it feel a lot more natural at my desk.

If I had to find anything to complain about, it's that for the dark magic girl keycaps are teal instead of pink on the left. But tbh, it doesn't bother me the more I get used to it.

I'd 100% buy these key caps again, and I love using it all day long, whether for work or gaming.

DSA Magic Girl Keycaps
Richard George
They were an excellent gift

These kind of key caps arent my bag, but my girlfriend absolutely loved them. They went together onto the keyboard pretty easily and she still uses them every day.

Finally finished my magic girl collection!

I first got the mintlodica magic girl keycap set way back and I've completely fallen in love with them! So much so that I decided to get the dark magic girl set!!! Ive been waiting since I first preordered them in October and literally so worth the wait! Aaaaa it's so cute !!! <333

Good Quality and quick shipping

Bought this around Christmas time for my daughter and she loved it very much and the item shipped in time so was fantastic!! Will definitely purchase again from this brand!!

The Mintlodica Way

We do things a little differently here. Instead of spending our time drop shipping products, we'd rather bring new designs to life. This process of designing, producing, and refining takes time. Every collection from conception to fulfillment takes up to months, if not years.

We've made strides since debuting Magic Girl in 2019. We also believe our new designs will bring freshness and inclusivity to the mechanical keyboards hobby.

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