International Shipping

Shipping to the United Kingdom (UK)

Changes in British tax laws have made it challenging for US businesses to sell directly to UK customers. We're only able to fulfill orders to the UK valued £200 GBP retail or more.

Thanks to system updates, UK customers should be able to checkout via our shop! You need reach the minimum VAT value for it to work. Please reach out to us if it doesn't seem to work.

Shipping to Mexico

Unfortunately, due to an increased number of chargebacks, we no longer offer USPS shipping to Mexico.

If you're a regular customer, please reach out to us. We're happy to make an exception for you. Our apologies about the inconvenience.

International Shipping with USPS

USPS has temporarily suspended international shipments for certain countries. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship these listed regions via USPS.

You should be able to checkout using shipping options with DHL and UPS depending on the region.

Cost of International Shipping

Unfortunately, all costs of shipping are out of our control. :(

These rates are set by carriers and we do not profit from shipping costs. What you see at checkout are the best rates available. Pro-tip: Deskmats (Regular Size) are bulky and heavy, try removing them from your cart. The shipping costs will likely drop noticeably. 

Mintlodica does not collect VAT/customs tax at the time of checkout. Therefore, customers are responsible for any additional fees when the package arrives. We are also not able to markdown the value of the package for customs, as that is illegal.

Thank you for your understanding!