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Stickers by Mintlodica are back. A limited number of these stickers are available! We tore deep into our stores to bring back some of these while others are prototypes we have extras. Pick up some of Susan's illustrations and show us where you stick them!

The actual product may differ slightly between digital representations due to various monitor calibrations.

    Product Details

    Weatherproof Vinyl Stickers:

    • Pastel Switch Circle – 3×3"
    • Trio of Pixel Pastel Shibas – 1.5×1.5"
    • Blue Sad Kitty (Has a Clear Backing!) – 2.75×3"
    • Shiba Bean in a Cup – 3×3"
    • Grass Jelly Can (Holo Finish) – 1.5×2.25"
    • Mintlodica Emblem (Shiny Finish) – 2.75×2"
    • Hat Girl – 2×2"