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DSA Witch Girl

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Witch Girl® feared for their intuition and powers. A collection inspired by motifs near and dear to the designer. Cast spells with the moon, fight with swords, and lean on nature. Don't miss the Dark Alphas Kit for an all sage green look and the Novelties Kit featuring all the snakes.

Pre-orders end May 24th at Noon PT. Complete the look with the rest of the Witch Girl collection.

Product Details

  • Manufacturer: Signature Plastics in the United States
  • Profile: DSA (Uniform Profile)
  • Materials: ABS Doubleshot
  • Colors: Blush, Sage, Thyme
  • Estimated Fulfillment: Q3 2024

Important ❀ Pre-order Info ❀

This product is a pre-order. While we do our best to provide a fulfillment date, please keep in mind that this is an estimate. We kindly ask for your understanding if delays arise, as many factors are out of direct control.

Refer to our FAQ should you have further questions. Thank you for your interest in our designs!

Susan, Founder + Designer of Mintlodica

Kitting - Base, Numpad, Dark Alphas, & Novelties

Four (4) kits in uniform DSA profile. Base Kit covers the majority of Mechanical Keyboard layouts. This round of pre-orders features a dark alpha legends option and extra snaaakes.

  • Base Kit. Fits the majority of all keyboard layouts including TKL, 75%, 65%, 60%, 40%, and Ergonomic: ErgoDox, Moonlander, Boardwalk, etc. Colevrak+ compatible.

  • Numpad Kit. Add to fit Full Size or build a standalone Numpad.

  • Dark Alphas Kit. Add for the option for dark grey green alphas. Compatible with previous Witch Girl keycap kits! Colevrak+ compatible.

  • Novelties Kit. Snakes, snakes, snaaakes. Exclusive blush colored snakes!

  • New for 2024! Don't miss our Witch Girl JUNE/JUNIOR collab with HIBI.

  • Witch Girl keycaps featuring snake spacebars on ortholinear keyboard.

  • Witch Girl keycaps on ErgoDox EZ ergonomic keyboard in white.

  • Witch Girl keycaps with the Dark Alphas variant on a polycarb mechanical keyboard.

  • Angled shot of DSA profile Witch Girl keycaps which are all uniform.


"Mintlodica continues to release fresh, cohesive, and unique designs that are not only inclusive, but also speak to me as a woman and longtime nerd.

I've participated in multiple pre-orders and each time, Mintlodica never fails to deliver an outstanding and special product that I'm excited to have on my desk."

Founding Community Member of CuteKeyboard.Club

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Stephanie A.
Sophisticated & Cute!!!

I love cute keycaps, but the colors on these are more my speed compared to some other cutesy sets. It looks so good on my mint keyboard! These keycaps feel very sturdy, and I love the slight texture on them. All the letters are well aligned and centered - good attention to detail from the manufacturer. I bought these in the first round when the images were renders only; the colors were not exactly what I expected, but I still love them. I would certainly look at real photos to get an idea of the color.

Melis Doğan
Makes my heart soar whenever I look at them ~

I work home office, so every morning I walk to my desk and start my day with my beautiful, beautiful keyboard. The Witch Girl key caps are so sturdy, beautiful and feel so good. They have boosted my productivity, just because I love looking at them and I love using my keyboard now. I love that the pink is so beautifully balanced with shades of green. There are also so many variants and caps for any layout in the base kit, which really makes me feel like I have freedom in changing and designing my layouts whenever I want. Thank you to the mintlodica team!

Susan Guevara
Really Beautiful

This was my first go at customizing a keyboard and I wasn't going to settle for an okay design. These are beautiful and feel great, very happy with them.

I fell for those keycaps 🥰

Truly, amazing profile, lovely quality, and those colours are so beautiful!!

Erin O
so stinkin cute

theyre just beautiful it's my new favorite set. sweet and feminine without being loud, and witchy without being lame.