Photo of Susan Lin, CEO of Mintlodica LLC Photo of Susan Lin, CEO of Mintlodica LLC

Mintlodica produces bespoke mechanical keyboard collections featuring designs from Susan Lin & Curated Artists. Our mission is to bring joy to your workspace.


Mintlodica began in 2015 as Susan Lin's Creative Studio. She created in several mediums: watercolor painting, live sketchnotes, 3d art, and pixel art before landing in mechanical keyboards. This was also the same year she busted her wrists, very badly. She went to physical therapy for 6 months and adopted a Kinesis keyboard to recover.

2018: Someone showed her the ErgoDox EZ. She immediately acquired one in white and found blank NPKC sunset gradient keycaps to cover its unique layout.

2019: Susan tried to find a new keycap set to feature on the ergo board. It didn't exist. Naturally, she decided to take on the project of designing a set herself. This was how Magic Girl was born.

2020: Magic Girl ships after pre-orders! 50 Cent approves. After this note in her tech career, Susan leaves the industry to pursue mechanical keyboards full-time.

2021: Finally, Mintlodica is its own shop! With an exciting new and returning line-up to debut from herself and curated collaborators.



We have no open positions and don't foresee that changing in the near future. We're flattered you're interested and, of course, will make it known if this changes.


Collaborations & Sponsorships

Currently, collaborations are invite-only and curated by Susan. We do not have a sponsorship or affiliate program.

You may see friends in the industry with our products. We like to gift the friends who support us with nice things!

For other related questions, please check the FAQ.


Press Inquiries

We're open to press coverage and have a few ideas for interesting topics! Get in touch via our Press Inbox and a team member will get back to you in a few business days: press@mintlodica.com


Help with Orders

If you need help with your order, please see details on our Contact Us page.