Witch Girl

About the Collection

Witch Girl™ feared for their intuition and powers. Inspired by motifs near and dear to the designer. Cast spells with the moon, fight with swords, and lean on nature.

brewing up a new collaboration

Witch Girl Discipline 65% Keyboard Build Stream

We're back with a Switch Couture × Mintlodica keyboard collaboration. Harness your build powers with this Witch Girl Discipline 65% keyboard kit.

Join us for a keyboard build stream when we'll be building our Witch Girl Discipline keyboard. Follow us on Twitch for notifications of future streams.

Inspiration for Witch Girl

Featuring motifs near and dear to this designer, this understated set will bring power to your workspace.

Moon Phases: Represents the cycle of life. How change comes back to start from Earth to Universe.

Snakes: Are the designer's lunar zodiac animal. Repeated cycle motif with the ouroboros.

Swords: The fierceness of those who bear arms and stand up for their beliefs.

Flora: Mint leaves are stubborn fragant weeds. Refreshing and hard to rid.