Witch Girl by Mintlodica matching Deskmats or Deskpads shown in Two (2) colors matching the keycaps: light pink blush and dark green thyme. The theme includes snakes, swords, moon phases, and plants.

Witch Girl Deskmats

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Witch Girl™ feared for their intuition and powers. A collection inspired by motifs near and dear to the designer. Cast spells with the moon, fight with swords, and lean on nature.

2 Deskmat designs to match featuring Moon Phases and Swords. Available in 2 sizes – Regular and Mini to fit small workspaces.

Product Details

  • Materials: Fabric top. Rubber bottom.
  • Dimensions:
    • Regular: 900x400x4mm (35.4x15.7x0.16")
    • Mini: 675x300x4mm (26.6x11.8x0.16")

Deskmats - Moon Phases & Swords

Comes in 2 variants and 2 sizes to match your Witch Girl keycaps.

  • Witch Girl Deskmat with Swords & Snakes in Blush.

  • Witch Girl Deskmat with Moon Phases in Thyme.