Product Status Updates

The Mintlodica team will update this page with the status of each of our pre-order products. All critical updates will also be sent via email newsletter.

As always, we appreciate your patience and support.

  • witch girl ✧ orders placed

    Manufacturing | Pre-orders are closed. Final counts for keycaps, deskmats, and metal artisans have been sent to our manufacturing partners. Deskmat samples completed and approved. Samples for keycap colors approved! The ETA for shipping to you is 2022 Q2.

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  • first light ✧ in-stock december

    On Sale | In-stock now!

  • green blanks ✧ in-stock january

    On Sale | In-stock now!

  • magic girl ✧ round 3 in february

    Pre-orders Coming | Pre-orders for Magic Girl start February 14th, 2022, the Third Anniversary Collection.

  • sad girl ✧ debut in 2022

    Pre-orders Soon | Pre-orders for the debut of DSS Sad Girl collection starts in 2022.

  • netizen ✧ debut in 2022

    Pre-orders Soon | Pre-orders for the debut of DSA Netizen collection starts in 2022.

  • all other collections & products

    All other Collections & Products are still early in development. We don't have firm updates to list at this time. Be assured we're working hard to bring things to life.

    This list includes: DSA Pastel keycaps, Fae Keyboard with Nicoles, Gamer Girl keycaps, Shiba Boy keycaps, Mintlodica illustrated deskmats, CuteKeyboard.Club themed products & more!

    Take a look at our first 2022 Preview.