Our New HIBI × Witch Girl Collabs - Mintlodica

Our New HIBI × Witch Girl Collabs

Our beloved design Witch Girl is available for pre-orders. We apologize about the wait, but we've been cooking new things. Secure your DSA Witch Girl keycaps and HIBI collab keyboards at the best prices now.

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Witch Girl 'Forest Swords' Deskmats | Deskmats by Mintlodica | DM-WG-MINI-SWORDSFOREST Group Buy

Shopkeeper's Updates

You can now combine pre-order collections & in-stock products into one order! There's no shortage of ways to build your dream witchy workspace.


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"Mintlodica made me appreciate that liking cute stuff is valid. I feel seen and surrounded. I bought Millennium Magic Girl because it's the cutest sky blue colorway I've seen."

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