Witch Girl Floral Artisans

Witch Girl Floral Artisans

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An everlasting garden made of Witch Girl® for your keyboard. These Floral Artisans casted by Capsmiths are glossy keycaps reminiscent of ceramics.

Also available in 3 colors matching Magic Girl and 6 colors matching Pastel Dreams.

Product Details

  • Manufacturer: Capsmiths
  • Materials: 3D Printed with UV Curable Resin
  • Finish: Glossy Polyurethane Clear Coat

Floral Artisan Keycaps - 3 colors matching Witch Girl

  • Set of 3 Witch Girl Floral Artisan Keycaps: Blush, Sage (Light Green) and Thyme (Dark Green).

  • Set of 3 Witch Girl Floral Artisan Keycaps shown with matching keycaps.


"Mintlodica continues to release fresh, cohesive, and unique designs that are not only inclusive, but also speak to me as a woman and longtime nerd.

I've participated in multiple pre-orders and each time, Mintlodica never fails to deliver an outstanding and special product that I'm excited to have on my desk."

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