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Witch Girl Floral Artisans

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An everlasting garden made of Witch Girl® for your keyboard. These Floral Artisans casted by Capsmiths are glossy keycaps reminiscent of ceramics.

Limited quantities remain. Also available in 3 colors matching Magic Girl and 6 colors matching Pastel Dreams

Product Details

  • Manufacturer: Capsmiths
  • Materials: 3D Printed with UV Curable Resin
  • Finish: Glossy Polyurethane Clear Coat

Floral Artisan Keycaps - 3 colors matching Witch Girl

  • Set of 3 Witch Girl Floral Artisan Keycaps: Blush, Sage (Light Green) and Thyme (Dark Green).

  • Set of 3 Witch Girl Floral Artisan Keycaps shown with matching keycaps.


"Mintlodica continues to release fresh, cohesive, and unique designs that are not only inclusive, but also speak to me as a woman and longtime nerd.

I've participated in multiple pre-orders and each time, Mintlodica never fails to deliver an outstanding and special product that I'm excited to have on my desk."

Founding Community Member of CuteKeyboard.Club

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Color matched to perfection, phenomenal quality, and SO cute!

Bought a couple, then bought three more. They are just perfect. Fit comfortably with cherry and DSA profile caps and are well built. I'm never afraid of breaking these or causing damage from skin oils like I am with other caps made with more fragile / tarnishing materials. All the colorways look exactly like the photos in both sculpt and color. Usually there are differences between renders/photos and the actual product, but these are spot on. I like that these fit exactly within the 1u space, as some artisans get cramped around other keys if anything sticks off the side or comes up from the top. Always on my daily drivers.

so cute!

Paired it with white cerakeys and it looks ceramic, the color is slightly more blue in person but still green. Absolutely beautiful!

Heather Marie
Utterly adorable, high quality

I was so excited when my artisan caps came in! I’ve been using the pink and sage ones since and they’re a perfect way to “cap” off my witch girl board and numpad! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on them, great textile feel, and wonderful thonk when used.