Witch Girl JUNE/JUNIOR Keyboards | Keyboard Kit by Mintlodica | HB-WG-JUNE Group Buy

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Summon the magic of Witch Girl® to your desk. These set deals are available during the pre-order period ending May 24th. Enjoy a deeper discount when you collect it all:

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DSA Dark Magic Girl Keycaps | Keycaps by Mintlodica | KS-MG-DARK-BASE Group Buy

Dark Magic is back

Dark Magic Girl® is back in stock! Inspired by the shoujo manga and anime series which shaped our childhoods. Transform your mechanical keyboards by moonlight! The dark colorway celebrates the pastel goths in us who have a bit of darkness behind our light.

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"Ever since Mintlodica's first group buy, I've been hooked. The quality is excellent, but there's also an appreciation for the attention to details, including the inclusive kitting. I've preordered nearly every set, and I'm continually looking forward to her next projects!"

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Colorful & Pastel Deskmats to match your keyboard

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"Mintlodica has been running group buys ever since I started the hobby. She has a proven track record of being able to balance both running new ideas and rerunning old ones.

She's coined the pastel cutesy aesthetic that we've all grown to love with Magic Girl, and she's still up and going!

Whether you're into 40s and smaller or 'traditional' keyboards, you'll find something. Plus, DSA kitting makes it easy to try a new layout should you be feeling adventurous. ;)"

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