First Light

About the Collection

Peek into the universe. DSS First Light was designed to commemorate the historic moment of the James Web Space Telescope's launch in December 2021. A keycap set with personal history for the designer, we're thrilled that render has become reality.

inspiration for first light

Once upon a time, Mintlodica was a design intern at NASA. Back then, the James Webb Space Telescope was only a render.

Honeycomb Hexagons: The innovative primary mirrors at the center of JWST. To learn more, take a look at NASA's Scope It Out! game, featuring artwork by someone you may know. the game design intern years

Golden Accents: A nod to beauty meeting practicality. These mirrors are gold-plated and hyper reflective. The telescope becomes art with NASA's #JwstArt initiative. invited back for the art show

Gradient Alphas: Periwinkle to Lilac alpha legends emulate light shift while traveling through time. The world will find out what first stars were like before they formed galaxies. full circle in our newest creative medium

Photo: Susan at the Juried Art Show in front JWST at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, 2016.