Dark Magic Girl

About the Collection

Dark Magic Girl® (Mintlodica's Version) has returned. Inspired by the shoujo manga and anime series which shaped our childhoods. Transform your mechanical keyboards by moonlight! The dark colorway celebrates the pastel goths in us who have a bit of darkness behind our light.

Build the Workspace of your Dreams

Accent Artisan Keycaps

  1. Floral Keycap in Purple adds a bit a gloss to your desk.
  2. Rose Gold Metal Artisan Keycaps looks stunning in a set with Esc & Enter.

Keyboard Switches

  1. Linear: If you prefer the feeling of typing on air, light weight switches might be your kind of thing.
  2. Tactile: If you prefer a bit of bump while you type, middle weight switches might be your kind of thing.
  3. Unsure? Try both! and get 20% off.

Other Matching Deskmats

  1. Pastel Picnic Deskmat in Moony or Lavender are the perfect canvas for any keyboard.
  2. Magic Girl Deskmat in Mint Wands for beautiful contrast, matching the alpha legends.
  3. Netizen Deskmat with pops of lavender to match Dark Magic Girl.

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"I love that I can support a smaller company without having to worry about compromise on quality or aesthetics."

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