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Witch Girl Returns

You might have noticed Witch Girl keycaps sold out in a hot minute. We're flattered our original design, near and dear to the creator, is this beloved.

This is an announcement that pre-orders will start again soon! The pre-order period is the best way to secure your set.

upcoming witch girl pre-order details:

  • Witch Girl keycaps. Available in the same 4 kits as the last round.

  • DSA profile. Uniform for ultimate layout coverage and flexibility.

  • Manufactured in the US. By Signature Plastics using double shot molds.

  • Did you miss the Snake Metal Artisan drop? Rose Gold Artisan Keycaps by HIBI return.


"Mintlodica made me appreciate that liking cute stuff is valid. I feel seen and surrounded. I bought Millennium Magic Girl because it's the cutest sky blue colorway I've seen."

❥ @sunnie.evergale VERIFIED BUYER
Community Member of CuteKeyboard.Club

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