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Supporting Trans Lives with Pride

Giving & Designing with Pride

You may have noticed this note attached to the descriptions of our Pride Deskmats. ❀ A proceeds of profits from the Deskmats in our Pride Series will be donated to charity. ❀ During the pre-order period, our Founder will also personally match the donation!

This year's charity will be Trans Lifeline.

A Note from the Founder

Hi there, this is Susan. I've always been surrounded by queer friends. Many of whom were not shocked when I came out to them as bisexual last year. "We knew!" they all said. But these are more stories for another time. I want to spend this post focused on charity.

Giving has been a part of our DNA

Giving has been a regular part of my life. As Mintlodica, we supported charity events such as Keebsmas & Keeblife. Both are now annual events in the mechanical keyboards community. Past charities to receive the community's support included Undue Medical Debt and DIY Girls.

Going back in time, I want to give some shoutouts. My friend @nkkl spent 1 year giving loudly. She was the first to make me think, "How can I make my charitable efforts even better?" Later on, when @thepenaddict launched our collaboration Retro 51 pen, we highlighted a charity too.

These folks, amongst more, inspired me to consider how to inspire others in return.

About Trans Lifeline

Founded in 2016, Trans Lifeline has been a longstanding 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. They offer direct emotional and financial support to trans people. This is done with their grassroots hotline and *microgrants. Notably, they are trans-led.

*If you read into their site, the microgrants are currently on pause. Last year has been particularly hard on non-profit organizations and small businesses alike. They wrote more about this on their blog.

Now more than ever is when it matters to show up. Especially now when legislation continues to discriminate threatens trans people's right to exist.

Passing it on

Thus, this is why I'm also matching the donation during the pre-order period ending May 3rd. Represent or show your ally ship with a new look for your desk. Or donate directly to Trans Lifeline and support their mission.

Pride Pastel Picnic Deskmats


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