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How to clean your Deskmats

How do you keep a Deskmat clean? Don't overthink it and give it a gentle wash. Here are the 3 steps we use as a general guide. If you prefer the video version, just scroll down.

Gaming Deskmat Cleaning Checklist

  • Get the dust off first. Shake and beat off the dust outside. If you've got a vacuum attachment, that's helpful too. (We also use our vacuum nozzle on our keycaps.)

  • Gentle soap and water. Use a soft damp sponge with dishwashing soap and wipe down any stains. Don't lather too much, it'll be more difficult to rinse out later.

  • Pat dry with a clean dry cloth. We like to let ours air dry for 24 hours. Access to outdoor space is helpful, but you can drape it in a secure place and open a window.


    Alternatively, a well loved belonging is the greatest honor

    Messy isn’t bad. There's an false negative association to mess. It creates unwarranted shame, especially to those with executive dysfunction. The greatest honor is using your favorite items! Enjoy them. Wear them out. Use those stickers you've been collecting too.

    Hiding the mess more easily. Shop dark colored Deskmats, for the creative who works in their organized chaos. Sleeping Kitties in Pastel Goth and Witch Girl Moon Phases in Thyme are currently in stock!

    No shortage of ways to dress-up your workspace

    Whether you're gaming with your Deskmat or using it to lay out your remote job's home base, we've got many cute Deskmat options for you.

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