VIP & Insiders

Welcome to our budding VIP & Insiders club! This program rewards our Top Mintlodica Supporters. It also provides another means to support us.

The launch of our VIP & Insiders program is currently on hold.
  • VIP

    The Top Mintlodica Supporters are invited to the VIP list. Our team will refresh this list every ~6 months. The criteria is based on a combination of past orders and championship of our community.

    👀 Early Looks. See Susan's WIP like in the heydays. Get a chance to provide input for the collections teased on our Updates page.

    💌 Dedicated Inbox. Have a question or suggestion? VIPs get a dedicated inbox where we pay extra attention.

    🤍 Anything else? As we're developing this program, we'd love to hear from our VIPs about what perks would be meaningful to you!

  • Insider

    Want access to VIP sneak peeks? Maxed out products on your wishlist? Curious about what we're doing? Here's an option to support us regularly and get access too.

    👀 Early Looks. Access to the sneak peeks VIPs get via exclusive email newsletter.

    📣 Subscription details & pricing to be announced. Spots for the Insider Program will be limited. We'll announce the launch of this program in our Newsletter, on Discord, and social media.

    ✨ And yes, VIPs are welcome to support us this way too. We appreciate your vote of confidence in the work that we do!

Join the insiders club

The launch of our Insiders Club is currently on hold.


Mintlodica Philosophy

We do things a little differently here. Instead of spending our time drop shipping products, we'd rather bring new designs to life. This process of designing, producing, and refining takes time. Every collection from conception to fulfillment takes up to months, if not years.

We've made strides since debuting Magic Girl in 2019. We also believe our new designs will bring freshness and inclusivity to the mechanical keyboards hobby.

Please consider this means to support us while continue our mission!