2022 Preview

A note from the team: We want to be excited and show you what we have to come. Please do understand that this is a preview released November 2021. Details are subject to change as the Mintlodica team works hard to bring each Collection to life.

  • We are thrilled to announce Magic Girl: The Third Anniversary Collection. Our debut design is a throwback to the iconic shoujo anime of the 90s. The design ethos behind Magic Girl is to transform your keyboard from school girl to cool girl.

    To celebrate the third anniversary of this beloved keycap set, 3 colorways will be available: Classic, Dark, and Millennium (new!). Additionally, new novelty illustrations and a special collectible box will be released. Read on to see the care we put into making this the best version of Magic Girl yet.

    Pre-orders closed.

  • What's in the collection? Our Base Kit will cover the majority of popular layouts that are currently on the market. The kingdom of customization expands with all new icon designs.

    Novelty Kits will allow for further mixing and matching whether you're a new or existing Magic Girl.

    Deskmats (4mm thick!) will make a return and include a new colorway matching Millennium.

    Stay tuned for more goodies to be revealed to celebrate the upcoming anniversary.

Welcome Double Shot Molds.

For Round 3 and beyond, we plan to produce Magic Girl with Signature Plastics in the United States. With an investment of our namesake alphas, we assure that every legend will be perfectly aligned.

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Did you know? Buying directly from Mintlodica.com is the best way to support us. Your support means that we can continue to create & bring things you love to reality.

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  • welcome back to the netizen

    Genie Ink & Mintlodica team up once again to bring you our first artist collaboration. This updated collection will feature round 2 of the Netizen Deskmats and matching Netizen Keycaps.

    More details to come in Spring 2022.

About the Artist. Genie Ink is an artist based in Toronto, Canada, working in ink, risography, and digital mediums. They are best known for their light and airy approach to design and illustration.

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  • Mock-up of 5 keyboards featuring DSS Sad Girl keycap set.

    Heartbreak in the internet era. </3

    Ever been asked out and then later dumped on AIM? Us too.

    Introducing Sad Girl, an all new design in DSS profile by Mintlodica. Inspired by love and heartbreak on the internet that shaped our youth. The times where we poured our souls on our meticulously manicured Xangas and LiveJournals. Typing away into the night, basking in the blue light of our CRT monitors at 3am.

    More details to come in Spring 2022.

  • Pastel PBT returns in DSA profile

    Pastel Keycaps designed for ultimate modularity. DSA profile means you can mix and match these endlessly. Colors curated & Custom Icons designed by Mintlodica.

    More details to come in Spring 2022.

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Thank you so much for all your support during our shop debut. We'll see you in the New Year. There's so much more we're working on to bring joy to your workspace.

– Susan, on behalf of the Mintlodica team

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